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Maintain Cleanliness in Your Establishment with Our Walk-Off Mats

If you're looking for washroom supplies for your public restrooms, look no further than AAA Mat Co. Inc in Dayton, Ohio. We carry everything you need from durable walk-off mats to refreshing deodorizers. Complete your establishment with our top-quality products today.


Restroom Supplies

Choose from our range of commercial restroom supplies, such as single and double toilet paper that comes in small and large rolls as well as centerfold (C-fold) towels. We also have specialty towels that are perfect for spa and salon use. On the other hand, we recommend you purchase our liquid soaps to promote the habit of handwashing among your employees and guests. Furthermore, we offer deodorizers that prevent the formation of unappealing odors in your restrooms.

Walk-Off Mats

Use our walk-off mats as your first line of defense against dirt, mud, and grime. Our mats are one of the most important tools in maintaining your interior carpet and flooring's quality. Aside from that, our mats also reduce slips and falls on rainy days. We understand the need for commercial facilities to maintain a clean and appealing look. This is why we provide long-lasting entrance mats that are designed for soil containment. Please note that we have 3"x5", 4"x4", and 3"x10" entrance mats, as well as specialty mats available in different colors. Unlike other retail companies, our prices remain low for your convenience.


Purchase easy-to-clean towels that are suitable for bars, kitchens, salons, and steamers from AAA Mat Co Inc now. Our beauty towels work perfectly on the skin, while our dishtowels make great cleanup cloths. Aside from towels, we also have mops and aprons for sale. Our bibs and aprons are great whenever you need to keep your clothes from being soiled while you're preparing food for customers. Choose from our different styles and colors today.